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I am a lawyer who is committed to seeing your issue through from initial consultation to the case’s resolution. This personalized approach is designed to address all the needs of the client, whether it is a landlord/tenant law dispute, a homeowner involved in noise complaint or a business facing possible litigation.

I enjoy the fact that I work one-on-one with my clients. Before starting Sharma Law Group, I worked at larger firms and found that the clients were often frustrated because their case would be passed along to other attorneys on staff. When you hire me, I am going to discuss the pros and cons of your case. I will give it to you straight without the legal jargon. We can then move on to determine the best course of action for resolving your issue.

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Set up a free initial appointment by calling my office in San Francisco at 415-741-1042. I also promptly respond to messages sent through my website.

I have been practicing real estate law in California since 2005. I believe that I best serve my clients by exclusively focusing on litigation, appeals and negotiation of disputes. I believe that my deep knowledge of real estate law, Bay Area Rent Ordinances and its procedures gives me an advantage over other attorneys with a broader or more general practice.

If I am defending you in court or during an appeal, I know what to look for and do the research to protect my clients. If we are seeking compensation or accountability from the other party, I understand how the laws work and can effectively determine whether the case should go to court. Need to avoid expensive litigation? I am always happy to work through issues without going to court if that is wish of the client and serve their best legal interests.

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