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Landlord And Tenant Law

The dynamic between a landlord and tenant in California, especially in the Bay Area, can be a complicated one involving one’s home, finances and livelihood. Each party has their own expectations and priorities, and sometimes these are not in sync. This is not surprising to many; nevertheless, disagreements can lead to legal disputes or litigation, particularly in the tight housing market in San Francisco and the surrounding area.

As a real estate attorney who focuses on litigation, appeals and dispute resolutions, I have served clients in the Bay Area since 2005. I have handled a wide range of issues during that time, often finding a positive resolution for my clients regardless of whether they are a small-unit landlord or a multi-unit apartment owner. Oftentimes those involved in the dispute are not even aware that there are rules, protocols and laws that are in place. I can help ensure that my clients follow specific guidelines so that the desired legal action is lawful and binding.

Landlord-Tenant Law Issues I Often Address

There a laws and regulations at the local, state and federal level to protect both sides, and these are regularly updated and amended to include emerging issues such as Airbnb tenants, as well as traditional disputes like rent-control, eviction control or illegal units for rent. I handle a wide range of commercial and residential real estate matters, including:

  • Litigation:

    Many landlord-tenant attorneys only practice in one city, but I handle litigation throughout the Bay Area and am knowledgeable about local laws and local court procedures.

  • Eviction:

    Residential landlords must follow specific protocols, including local rent ordinance requirements, to ensure that this action is legal.

  • Rent Control:

    This is a hot-button topic as the rental market continues to skyrocket and many Bay Area cities including San Francisco, Berkeley, Oakland, Alameda, Hayward, San Jose and Mountain View have some form of rent control.

  • Landlord And Tenant Rights:

    The law protects both sides in these matters, but the protections vary city by city in the Bay Area.

  • Defense Of Landlords:

    I defend landlords who are sued by tenants for wrongful eviction, tenant harassment and habitability.

  • Breach Of Lease:

    Understanding your rights when a breach happens is important because some leases have invalid provisions and parties have a duty to prevent future damage.

  • Habitability And Repairs:

    The landlord has the obligation to maintain a safe and habitable living space. Landlords who fail to do so are often sued by the tenant or even the City Attorney.

  • Commercial Tenancy:

    Tenants often have less bargaining power and rights in commercial leases but still have protections under the law.

  • Appeals:

    Real estate laws are complicated and sometimes it is necessary to go back to court to get the correct decision or reinforce the initial ruling.

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Whether the issue is housing discrimination charges or an eviction notice, it is always wise to contact lawyer if you are involved in a real estate dispute or are considering legal action. Call my office at 415-741-1042 or contact me online to schedule a free initial consultation.