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Real estate law in San Francisco and throughout the Bay Area gets more complicated with each passing year. The extremely high property values often lend a heightened sense of urgency to any dispute involving a property. Moreover, the amount of money involved in this market also means that some individuals and businesses are willing to flaunt regulations, bend the rules or create an unlawful contract in order to make or save money. As a seasoned real estate attorney, I have handled hundreds of cases involving litigation and out-of-court negotiation.

When you contact Sharma Law Group, you will speak directly with me. I handle all cases from initial consultation to the final resolution of your issue. While I often work in the courts, I understand that it is also possible to resolve disputes without the expense of going to court.

Typical Cases I Handle For My Clients

Over the course of my career, I have handled a wide range of real estate-based legal issues, including:

  • HOA Disputes:

    I represent individuals as well as homeowner associations.

  • Commercial Property Disputes:

    I often work with businesses as well as landlords, tenants and subtenants.

  • Buyer-Seller Disputes:

    Sometimes a seller fails to disclose important information about the condition of the property to the buyer or a buyer wants to back out of a sale.

  • Residential Property Disputes:

    This can involve neighbors being a nuisance, trespassing and other matters.

  • Co-tenancy/Joint Tenancy Disputes:

    Living in close quarters can lead to disagreements and the need to protect one’s rights.

  • Noise Complaints:

    Sometimes neighbors (individuals or businesses) do not adhere to reasonable sound levels.

  • Encroachment Or Boundary Disputes:

    Some neighbors do not honor property lines or rights, which includes the maintenance of their trees and fences.

Providing Services To Wide Range Of Clients

Even though I am a lawyer who focuses on litigation, negotiation and appeals, I work with plaintiffs, defendants, homeowners, buyers, sellers, homeowner associations (HOA), property managers, and multi-unit apartment/commercial owners. I believe that this broad perspective gives me an advantage because I know how the other side will construct their arguments and build their case.

I Can Handle Any Real Estate Dispute For You

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